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Sometimes politics and LOLishness just go well together. By that we mean all the time!

XM Radio?

Posted by lolmoth on April 10, 2008

a little curvy, eh?


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Clap Clap, Point Point

Posted by Anjali on March 25, 2008


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Obamoth ’08 = Can has change

Posted by lolmoth on March 24, 2008

This is the kind of post that the people at Yes We Can Has Change and would appreciate.

For a while, Mitt Rommoth looked like he would be the likely opponent of Barack Obamoth in the general election. The problem with Rommoth was that all he seemed to talk about was Ceiling Moth.


This video is worth a watch, too:

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lolbama (i can has change)

Posted by juuulia on March 8, 2008

Not saying anything political – if Hillary had her own lolcats I’d post them too – but is a lol-Obama blog that’s pretty rad.

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change: WANT

i’m in ur meme offshoot, linkin to all other meme offshoots.

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