LOL Moth

Not just for moths anymore.

About LOL Moth

The LOL Moth Crew



The LOLStars:

lolmoth = Duane

jgsteven = Galen

mehraa = Anjali

jundt = Randy

juuulia = Julia


23 Responses to “About LOL Moth”

  1. juuulia said

    juuulia = Julia? I would have never known

  2. lolmoth said

    You…commented…on our “About LOL Moth” page. *sigh*

    Lemme guess: how meta is that?

  3. Galen said

    I forget, why does “jundt = Randy” ??

    And I didn’t realize the blog treats the about page kind of like a normal post, cooooool.

  4. juuulia said

    I saw the comment box and decided to use it.

  5. mehraa said


  6. lolmoth said

    I think we need a group picture or something on here…it’s not like we don’t all hang out or anything.

    refusl to partecipaet n grp pix = i fotochop pix of u (NOT WANT)

  7. Galen said

    You do that already…at least Anjali has gotten the brunt of it so far.

  8. mehraa said

    Yeah…seriously. You haven’t seen the 2nd pic he messed with, with the freakish purple lips!

  9. juuulia said

    I’ve got a few on picasa but none with all 5 lolstars.

  10. Galen said

    oh man, that is awesome!

  11. juuulia said

    lolstars – anyone anyone? i was pretty proud of that

  12. Galen said

    that’s what i was referring to…oh hey! where did that cool gimpshopped picture come from?

    -Lolstar Galen

  13. lolmoth said

    The picture is a combination of three, all from teh whiskey partay:
    * Julia and Randy from Randy’s album
    * Duane from Julia’s album (was that Eric’s camera or yours?)
    * Galen and Anjali from Randy’s album

    I couldn’t find a good one of me looking at the camera, but this somehow works with me holding that glass as if toasting the LOL Moth crusades. I also heavily adjusted the colors for my pic because it was in different lighting with a different camera, lens, and photographer. That’s how I roll.

  14. Galen said

    I roll a 2d8 for damage.

  15. Galen said

    I roll a 2d8 for lulz.

  16. juuulia said

    I roll a 3d3 for Duane.

    -Lolstar Julia

  17. mehraa said

    me luvs the pic

    – lolstar Anjali

  18. Anonymous said

    Duane looks like a pedo.

  19. Anonymous said

    Oh, wait, they all do.

  20. juuulia said

    sniff… the internet hurt my feelings…

  21. Ritardo said

    Hullo moths. I am bright light. Come to me.

  22. heidi said

    Please, please update… I just found the site and went through every single post and now I’m sad because it’s so infrequently updated (based on the last year’s standards). You guys are great =)

  23. Saturn said

    Hi! I’m a lepidopterist from Scotland and I absolutely *love* your site! I’m currently breeding polyphemus, atlas and cecropia moths. My polyphemus have just started pupating, so it’s all exciting. Pleeeeease update! You site rocks!


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