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stuff moths like #1: diversity

Posted by lolmoth on April 3, 2008


shrimp bird?


5 Responses to “stuff moths like #1: diversity”

  1. Anjali said

    now, would you regard it for it’s beauty or eat it with some cocktail sauce?

  2. juuulia said

    mmmm shrimp. Stuff Jewish Young Adults like: shellfish

    Also – are you making them all “#1” to annoy me?

  3. lolmoth said

    Why would I do something to annoy you? Think about it: lulz can’t spell, so why would you think they could count? Eh? Eh?

  4. Galen said

    All things that moths like they like equally. They are all #1.

  5. corndog said

    I’ll never look at a seafood buffet in the same way…

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