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ceiling cat cedes to his mothiness

Posted by juuulia on April 1, 2008

Ceiling Cat Retires, Appoints Ceiling Moth as Replacement

In a shokin moov Ceiling Cat sez, “DO NOT WANT!” an he goe bai bai. Kittehs everyeewhar crai an wunder wut dey do nao. Ceiling Cat sez, “Yu can has Ceiling Moth!” an Ceiling Moth coems an is liek, “OH HAI! Iz ur God nao!

i’s not kidding


4 Responses to “ceiling cat cedes to his mothiness”

  1. juuulia said

    iz not kiddin – dey might be

  2. Galen said

    All praise Ceiling Moth!

  3. April Fools. Ceiling Cat aet Ceiling Moth an can has throen bak nao.

  4. Galen said

    Damn! Ceiling Cat iz bak:

    “April 2nd
    Ceiling Cat pownd Ceiling Moth an aet him. Ceiling Moth no moar. Ceiling Moth seesed to can has. Ceiling Moth go mete him maeker (an he got eet agin, lol). Ceiling Moth be a stif. Ceiling Moth can has no lief… Ceiling Moth be ecks-Ceiling animul. So kittehs everywhar can has Ceiling Cat bak agin! Yay!”

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