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Not just for moths anymore.

experimental moth makes a new friend

Posted by juuulia on March 21, 2008



4 Responses to “experimental moth makes a new friend”

  1. Anjali said

    Ok, why in the world do you have a teletubby??

  2. juuulia said

    Not just any teletubby…

    I think the real question is why do I still have a dead moth on my kitchen table.

  3. lolmoth said

    Is it just me or is Tinky Winky in an early 90s rap video right now? Example:
    Wreckx-N-Effect, Rump Shaker

  4. juuulia said

    Um was that a new form of RickRolling? Or did you just want to make me watch “Rump Shaker”?

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