LOL Moth

Not just for moths anymore.

lolmoth minus lolmoth

Posted by juuulia on March 19, 2008


an homage to my new favorite blog Garfield Minus Garfield

Note: this post is just an excuse to plug GminusG


4 Responses to “lolmoth minus lolmoth”

  1. juuulia said

    Anyone else reading regular Garfield just to mentally erase him from the strip?

  2. mehraa said

    Mm…lasagna. The first time I ever tried lasagna was due to Garfield.

  3. juuulia said

    I’m glad to know that I’m not the first one to use the “Jon Arbuckle” tag.

  4. lolmoth said

    That empty cocoon looks like a bat for some reason.

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