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Not just for moths anymore.


Posted by lolmoth on March 15, 2008

goth moth broth

i can has hoffburgrz?

8 Responses to “Comments?”

  1. juuulia said

    the Hoff, ice planet Hoth, table cloth, froth? wow.

  2. Galen said

    my brain just exploded

  3. mehraa said

    don’t hassle the hoff!

  4. lolmoth said

    There’s one more on there, but it’s a real stretch…it relates to the Hoff.

  5. juuulia said


  6. lolmoth said

    We have a winner!

    I thought it was a little too out there for anyone to get, but yes, Julia successfully identified the elements of the (aptly named) work entitled Goth moth broth with froth on cloth on Hoth with Hoff in trough.

  7. mehraa said

    wow dot com

  8. juuulia said

    Thank you, Thank you. I read a lot of “Highlights for Children” (mostly at the dentist) to prepare me for this:

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