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Posted by Anjali on March 5, 2008

funny pictures

10 Responses to “Polilla”

  1. lolmoth said

    That bug is one heckuva lady! Lady…bug…eh?

  2. juuulia said

    oh sweet jeebus

  3. Galen said

    Holy lord. Randy, I’m so confused, I thought you were Asian? Who is the ladybug?

  4. lolmoth said

    That’s definitely Pollayzilla, erm Polilla. I wasn’t there, but…he is drinking a domestic lite.

  5. juuulia said

    haha Randy wore that mariachi outfit to work. hahahahaha

  6. Galen said

    Oh man, with a fake beard and a cigar, and a fine American style light lager? Did Patty see him like this?

  7. Galen said

    Julia, your user-icon cracks me up every time I see it, I remember “fucked the shit out of bears.”

  8. juuulia said

    Galen, every time I see your icon, I remember “Hewooooh!”

  9. mehraa said

    Yes, one of my fav pictures of all time.

  10. lolmoth said

    I’m glad it’s now on teh intartubes…and I bet Randy and Jeremy are, too.

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