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Dinner ‘Pillar

Posted by Anjali on February 27, 2008

funny pictures

7 Responses to “Dinner ‘Pillar”

  1. lolmoth said

    whatev! You can’t eat that crap until all your teeth grow back…

  2. mehraa said

    Whatevmo back to you. I ate potato chips today!

  3. Galen said

    Whoa, they grow back?

  4. lolmoth said

    Gecko girl sez: i can has chewsbrgr?

  5. Galen said

    I can has nomburgr?

  6. lolmoth said

    Lemme ask this: is the right hand side the head? Options:
    * LA face, Oakland booty
    * Oakland face, LA booty

    My bad to anyone from Oakland (???)–I’m just referencing Sir Mix-a-Lot, yo!

  7. mehraa said

    My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hon…

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