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Posted by juuulia on February 18, 2008

Enter the world of Moth Man ...

from “My name is Tony Knox and I have been researching the phenomena of Moth Man since late 2002. I am an artist and photographer. One day while on a was photoshoot in Liverpool, there was outburst in the city, as members of the general public panicked and ran past me. Some looking back, others shouting, “What is it? What the hell was it?”

I was curious and walked down towards where every one was running away from and I captured the sense of a gold shimmer, the hum of something familiar to birds wings. Then ‘he’ stopped. I presumed at first instance it was a ‘he’. He stared straight at me, but for a moment. Something inside connected with him. This strange metamorphosis of a creature.
Gold from head to toe. Not a man, not a creature. Both.”

oh and the site has a free finger puppet:


2 Responses to “mothman”

  1. Galen said

    weirdness factor = 110%

  2. lolmoth said

    I’m a little disturbed taken aback weirded out interested in curious about turned on by this post.

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